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Why WordPress websites require
Regular  Security Maintenance?

We assume you already know that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world which also uses third parties plugins and themes. Unfortunately the plugins/themes are not always properly security maintained by their developers, that`s why hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in the popular plugins to hack thousands of sites at once and use them for different purposes like – SEO spam, redirect – traffic, mining crypto coins… That`s why WordPress websites require REGULAR SECURITY MAINTENANCE.

Preventing a hack is always the best course of action, as a successful hack can have a devastating impact on both your website’s organic SEO and Google rankings. It may take months to fully recover from the damage done to your reputation and rankings.

Automatically scan your website for malware, protect your online reputation and increase sales

Malware is malicious code that can attack your website and cause security or performance issues. Research carried out by Google has identified that approximately 86% of websites are vulnerable to an attack.

Virusdie.com Premium Antivirus daily malware scanning identifies these vulberabilities and automatically removes malicious code from your website. This protects your site and visitors from threats and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your site is malware free.


Automatic Malware SCAN

Proactively monitors for malware on your site and alerts you if anything is detected.

Automatic Malware REMOVAL

The Premium Antivirus from virusdie.com will safely remove any known malware automatically.

Manual Security Maintenance

Our experts will deep analyse your websites security risks and will patch everything.

Vulnerrabilities DETECTION

Automatically checks your app to ensure they are up to date and patched for known vulnerabilities.

Weekly Manual UPDATES

The delayed plugins updates mostly lead to hacks and malware. We manually do it weekly for you.

Your Reputation Protection

Daily scans help detect malware before search engines find it and blacklist your site

Our Comprehensive Protection Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service protect against WordPress-specific threats?

We specialize in identifying and mitigating WordPress-specific vulnerabilities, including plugin and theme security issues, through continuous monitoring and proactive defense strategies.

What makes your malware removal service stand out?

Our malware removal process is thorough and tailored to each site, ensuring not only the removal of current threats but also strengthening the site against future attacks.

How often do you perform security audits and updates??

We conduct regular security audits and update schedules based on the latest threat intelligence, ensuring your WordPress site remains secure against evolving cyber threats.

Can you guarantee my website’s security?

While absolute security is challenging, our comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of breaches, backed by our experience and a strong track record in WordPress security.

What support do you offer in case of a security breach?

In the unlikely event of a breach, we provide immediate, hands-on support to identify, isolate, and remedy any issues, minimizing downtime and protecting your online reputation.